The 2021 tech that impressed us the most

While 2021 wasn’t 2020 – there was no global recession and there were fewer restrictions on activity – it was still a challenging year for companies launching new tech products. The Chip shortage around the world and the supply chain crisis They tied the hands of technology companies. In addition, consumers carried so much technology in the past year that demand for some products wasn’t fast in 2021. However, the rapid train of innovation continued to move forward and there were billions of people buying ride tickets.

As we do every year, CNET evaluated the most important products in the largest categories in consumer technology. Our goal is to find the most recommended product in each category and subcategory and designate it as CNET Editors’ Choice. The end result is to provide the clearest and most useful advice to our audience.

The best technology products offer a combination of performance, design and value. All products on our list are rigorously tested by CNET’s team of dedicated experts. Also, we don’t hand editors’ choice until the product has been in the public’s hands for at least a week, to make sure there aren’t any bugs, loopholes, or other surprises that didn’t come up in our tests.

All of this is what makes the CNET Editors’ Choice badge a hallmark of excellence in consumer technology. It is our indication that the product is among the best in its class and is good value for money.

In 2021, as the world winds its way toward post-pandemic normality, technology continues to remain critical in connecting us virtually so we can work, collaborate, educate, entertain, socialize and encourage each other from afar. Technology continues to reimagine life, society, and the world – and the transformation has continued to accelerate this year.

Here are the best products of 2021.

Phones, smart watches and earphones

Computers, Laptops & Games

Home Entertainment Equipment

Useful technology for your smart home

Powerful Services and Software

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