The Coalition Attacks the Public Health by Cover of COVID Authoritarianism

When the NSW Prime Minister wants to remove COVID measures designed to preserve public health, such as the requirement for masks, it is all about “personal responsibility”.

But when it comes to reporting non-existent rapid antigen test results, Dominique Perrottet suddenly doesn’t trust the constituency.

With the switch to RA testing from PCR, the NSW government, as have others, has decided to require the public to alert authorities if they receive a positive rapid antigen test result via a basic online procedure, just like many others. Party in the digital age.

This may seem like a simple and straightforward process, but Domicron Personal Responsibility has discovered a problem.

“Obviously the government cannot trust the public to act responsibly, so how do we make sure people follow this rule?” Presumably the unelected Liberal Prime Minister has thought about it.

“Eureka! I got it. I will impose a very severe fine, which will also enrage the public to the point of despising another health measure.”

The government acknowledges that there is no clear way to enforce this spurious fine. The idea that the majority will report results by complying with the lockdown has been demonstrated. And it was guaranteed that the fine would anger many, was ensured by the harsh conditional measures of epidemic measures.

So, while Dom’s absurd imposition of a draconian fine of $1,000 appears to serve no real purpose, it only increases public outcry against health measures, and in turn distorts ideas about public health and society’s approach to it, in accordance with Mr. Perrottet.

Public health monitoring away

Before Perrottet took over, the Berejiklian government, and all other governments across the country, resorted to law enforcement to enforce sanitary measures in a way that established a false division, whereby the maintenance of public health was something the people opposed.

From the start, Gladys has appointed NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller in charge of the pandemic response, although it is about public health that people have a vested interest in preserving, rather than the need to threaten to use brute force to heighten their concerns.

With the arrival of the Delta in mid-2021, a second lockdown was imposed – as the prime minister did not consider rolling out a vaccine a race – and by September, Fuller declared he was “treating the virus itself like a criminal”, officers were excused from overdoing it, the military deployed and a curfew imposed on half of the city .

Of course, it was not only liberals who saw authoritarian means as a means of “protecting public health.” Under the state’s Labor government, Victoria Police have raided homes, attacked people in the streets, and withdrew their army-like arsenal, which they had been stockpiling since 2016.

By the time thousands have taken to the streets to protest public health measures, basic steps such as distancing and masks have been called into question, and while plots are known to have led to their opposition, much resentment has been fueled by them. Strict application.

a matter of priorities

It is the ideology of national liberals that assumes that the free market will satisfy all public needs, while small government must legislate to keep it afloat, and thus the constant attacks on transportation, social welfare, universities, public schools, and, in fact, the public health system.

According to American political commentator Noam Chomsky, shrinking government means diminishing democracy, as less participation in a dwindling public sphere, while in today’s world, that means more liberties and liberties for the biggest private players: corporations.

A prime example of how the coalition has prioritized corporate earnings over public health is Morrison’s refusal to make rheumatoid arthritis tests free. Instead, the prime minister has relied on the metaphor of “aid” for the entire public, noting that we are in the phase of the pandemic “where we can’t go in and take out everything for free”.

However, a week later Defense Secretary Peter Dutton was able to pull enough out of the public treasury to announce a $3.5 billion investment in more than 120 tanks and other military vehicles, while watching the war prize on China, which is a good thing. For business and bad for public health.

Admittedly, unlike his boss, who has distributed JobKeeper to businesses, churches and golf courses to boost profits during the pandemic, Perrottet has ordered 100 million RATs to help the state deal with Omicron after letting it rip blindly without any health measures.

long-term wear

On July 1 last year, under the cover of the coronavirus, Morrison cut government subsidies applied to surgeries under the Medicare Benefits Schedule. This was the largest reduction in the scheme’s history, with the public paying tax to fund it.

The then prime minister announced a massive investment in nuclear-powered submarines, as part of AUKUS in September, but then rejected calls from states and territories to direct more federal funding to public hospitals despite the expectation that the spread of coronavirus would increase after the shutdown.

But Morrison, as treasurer, was calling for the public health system to be opened to special interests and deregulation in 2015. And based on Harper’s recently released review, his position was opening the public health system to competition, as if to improve a lot of patients.

The United States is notorious for its lack of public health provisions. Michael Moore’s 2007 documentary Psycho reveals the unfortunate nature of his system, which sees patients without medical insurance turned away from hospitals, while others are early expelled from facilities.

“conservative spring”

Against this background, Trump-inspired Perotette dictated the failure to report the result of a rapid antigen test well. A penalty that serves no real purpose, except to provoke more societal anger toward public health measures, similar to recent outrage targeting other such provisions.

As the director of the Center for Future Action, Jim Stanford, noted in the conversation this week, the downturn caused by letting it explode is “one of the worst public policy failures” in the country’s history, as the coalition has forgotten that the key to a healthy economy is healthy humans.

The cause of the economic decline was the illness of employees, as well as people who exercised their “personal responsibility” and staying at home.

But when people decided to take their own initiative to protect themselves from the virus and not leave the house, Beirut then encouraged the public to “go out and enjoy the best that our country has to offer,” right before another explosion of Omicron cases.

Corporations and neoliberal politicians have no personal interest in ensuring public health, unless the user is able to pay.

However, as COVID has succinctly shown – regardless of wealth – viruses are joining us together as one, spreading randomly among everyone.

A society that gathers resources to maintain public health encourages the well-being of every citizen and resident, while imposing it by threat of violence destroys it.

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