Tornadoes rip through US causing Amazon warehouse collapse with more than 50 feared dead

Another nursing home about 20 miles away was badly damaged but no injuries were reported, as residents were evacuated as the building became unsafe.

In Illinois, authorities said several people were trapped after a roof partially collapsed at an Amazon warehouse near St. Louis late Friday, after tornadoes and powerful storms swept through the area.

At least 100 emergency vehicles descended on the warehouse, where a wall the length of a football field, along with the roof above it, collapsed, according to the Associated Press.

It was not immediately clear how many were injured, but one person was taken by helicopter to hospital.

Edwardsville Police Chief Mike Fellback said several people who were in the building were taken to the police station for assessment. By early Saturday, rescue teams were still sorting through the rubble to determine if anyone was trapped inside. Fillback said the process will continue for several more hours.

“Please be patient with us. Our firefighters are doing everything they can to reunite everyone with their loved ones,” Fellback said on KMOV-TV.


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