UK weather forecast: New dense fog warning in -5C freeze this weekend

The UK has issued a new thick fog warning by the Met Office that will cover large parts of England from the south coast all the way to Newcastle and temperatures could drop to -5°C.

The Met Office has issued a new fog warning

Britons received a yellow warning from the Met Office for fog causing dangerous driving conditions on Saturday amid freezing temperatures that can dip to -5 degrees Celsius.

It’s been a week of thick fog and icy conditions across much of England, with milder weather in Scotland, but Sunday is expected to see clearer skies move in, at least for the day before another bout of thick fog.

But frost and fog are set to pose a danger to large parts of the United Kingdom on Saturday, specifically around the southeast and central England and extending as far as Newcastle, where fog may remain all day and temperatures do not rise above zero.

The Met Office urged everyone to “prepare hot water bottles because it’s going to be a cold, cold night.”

With fog patches set to spread overnight, the warning states that “some thick fog patches are possible, with visibility potentially dropping to 50-100m in a few places”.

Fog warning extends from southern England to Newcastle

People were told to expect: “Poor visibility that leads to dangerous driving conditions in places and potentially slow journey times especially by road, and delays in bus and train services are possible. There is a chance that flights will be delayed or canceled.”

The Met Office forecaster, Aidan McGovern, said there may be clear skies in northwest England and north Wales, but for most of England there will be mist and low clouds.

He said: “Clear at first and then fog and mist forming soon especially across parts of Midland and in eastern England where it will be dense in places and there is a fog warning in effect. There will also be some fog elsewhere but also low cloud for much of south Wales, central parts and southern England.

Temperatures are expected to drop to -5°C in the foggy areas


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He continued: “Fog spread across England and Wales with temperatures in some protected areas dropping to -3°C and -5°C. So my freezing fog starts the day again on Saturday, and stubborn fog patches may continue all day in places, For example in the east of England so watch out for the roads first thing in. Otherwise a lot of low clouds across England and Wales.

Fog patches have been given the chance to form due to light winds and high pressure across the UK which means the air isn’t moving very fast.

A clearer night on Saturday but still cool and drizzly means there will be some periods of brightness on Sunday.

UK forecast for the next five days


Fog across parts of central, eastern and northern England slowly rising to a lower cloud and feeling cold. Elsewhere, most parts dry out with significant amounts of clouds and some sunny breaks. A few showers affected the western parts later.


Little rain affects the southwestern parts, mostly dry with broken clouds and isolated sleet. A group of rain moving southeast across Scotland and Northern Ireland.


A group of erratic clouds and rain heading southeast across England and Wales. Much of Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland are dried up by bouts of sunshine.

Forecasts from Monday to Wednesday:

Mostly dry with sunny spells, frost spots and overnight fog in the south. In the north, instability and winds are increasing with occasional rain or showers.

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