Unreasonable penalties being charged – #82 by DS1567 – F&O – Trading Q&A by Zerodha

Fabulous. Honestly, I logged in after a month, for a 5-minute break, from a difficult problem I’m having, but was simply drawn towards the high emotion flowing into this topic.

Avi_Garg – Sorry for your loss and those penalties my friend. I see you defend your point of view very enthusiastically and forcefully. Unfortunately, your logic is flawed. I thought @Anil30 did an excellent job of introducing this hypothetical scenario and making it very easy to understand this complex situation –

But you chose to ignore it so easily. So I will give a more crude analogy to help you understand. That’s exactly what you do –

Scenario – you bought a new bike (your money is in zerodha account) and went straight to one way street (stock market) from the wrong side. Traffic Barrier (SEBI) stops you.
Traffic Hawaldar – This is a one-way street. This is your ticket. (fine 22,000 rupees)

Avi – no no. This is my bike. (Owner). I got it with my hard earned money. I can turn it wherever I want. (Exceed Range + Exposure)
Traffic Hawaldar – But this is a one-way street, sir. (new rules are in effect)

Avi – no no. This was a two-way street before. How did it become a one-way street? I was never informed. (Earlier there was no penalty)
Traffic Hawaldar There is a huge sign (a circle you missed zero) at the beginning of the street you entered to let you know that it’s a one-way street.

Avi – why do you have to make a two way road a one way road (unable to accept change in rules). You know how much pain it causes the general public (retail investors)?
Hawaldar Traffic – Sir, we did this for your personal safety to avoid traffic jams and accidents. (Excessive speculation, operators playing, stock manipulation)

Avi – But how would it be in my best interest if I had to pay the ticket (fine) for it?
Traffic Hawaldar – Sir, this is to protect the general public from people like you. (Since you are part of excessive speculative activity when you exceed the funds in your account)

I hope you get home.

Although it does happen. I have made many such mistakes. I think you are relatively new…

Anyway, I see a lot of people recommending you to go to change.org. My honest advice – don’t. You won’t get the numbers. And that’s like – karle karle karle karle… on a lighter note… for reference – https://youtu.be/I6ES6opeHYI?t=3m20s

Cheers… Back to Quantities…

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