Verifying margin shortfall penalty from NSE – #14 by DS1567 – General – Trading Q&A by Zerodha

I can’t even understand if this is legal. It appears that NSE has turned this death penalty into just another lucrative source of income.

If they are imposing a penalty, how can they not provide evidence that the punishment that has been imposed is indeed correct and lawful?

It’s as if red light cameras automatically fine you for speeding, but when you ask them to show proof that I’ve already speeded, they say “we can’t show you the proof, you just have to believe us”.

They say, “Look here the GST bill we paid to the government on the amount of the fine, so you have to believe us, now pay the fine and shut up.” In fact, the broker here doesn’t even have to ask us to pay the fine, he can just withdraw it from our account without notifying us because the broker is an honest man and the stock exchange is an honest man and they can’t be wrong, the unhappy investor is the one who should always be wrong. Well shit it.

Really waiting for someone to file a complaint with SEBI on their SCORES portal.

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