‘When is the best time to specify my preferred NQ department?’

Advice needed

In the latest edition of our career puzzle series, a soon-to-be intern seeks advice on choosing which department he will eventually qualify for.

“welcome legal cheek a team,

I’m about to start my internship contract and have some ideas about the areas I’d like to eventually qualify for (considering, of course, these may change as I progress through my core contribution). When would the best time be to list these domains as my favorite NQ sections?

Towards the end of the Primary Contributors Program, I will definitely have more experience and be able to perform better, and my performance will be fresher in the Partners’ memory. On the other hand, if I wait to list my favorite area(s) near the end, I may not end up getting it at all, so I’m not sure how to balance these two factors.

Any advice from current/former apprentices would be greatly appreciated.”

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