When the color of the body changes in electronic ink

We’ve already seen color-changing shells on smartphone concepts thanks to Electrophoresis techniques. E-paper readers also use this technology to display characters or images on the screen with very little power.

These are German manufactured electrophoresis techniques BMW He wants to deploy it to change the color of vehicle bodies. Thus, it is presenting technology at CES 2022 in Las Vegas BMW iX Flow Using electronic ink, or E Ink, to change the color of all or part of an object, from black to white and vice versa with multiple variations between them.

This provides new possibilities for personalization and originality of vehicles whose color may vary according to the taste and mood of the driver, in the same way that it can already modify the atmosphere of the passenger compartment and driving style.

BMW applies a layer of material, the color of which varies depending on the electrical current applied, causing color pigments to appear or not to surface with the potential to create effects and patterns.

The BMW iX Flow wants to go one step further than the customization already allowed by choosing body color and achieving more freedom. But there are not only aesthetic considerations in the possibility of changing the car from a light shade to a dark shade and vice versa.

BMW iX Flow 03

can color The effect of stored heat In the passenger compartment and interior comfort can be improved by lightening or darkening the color depending on the weather, as well as lightening the ventilation system in the car. This aspect can have a huge impact in particular electric car in order to maintain their independence.

The selection of E Ink is related to the standard Low energy consumption mentioned at the beginning of the article. Voltage is only applied during phase changes and once the pattern is applied no further power consumption is required.

Thus, the BMW iX Flow technology uses a layer of millions of colored microcapsules with a white negative electrode and a black positive electrode. Depending on the applied current, the microcapsules are reorganized to output the corresponding shade, with the possibility of creating medium shades of gray.


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