Which broker should I Use for Bank NIfty options & API? – Broker review – Trading Q&A by Zerodha

Zerodha is very good, API is very good. But I am facing an OI limit when buying Bank Nifty options in NRML.

So I need another broker, I think.

My priorities are:

1.) Has a reliable API (less downtime, errors, etc.)
2.) Has a reliable platform (fewer technical errors, etc.)
3.) Reasonable brokerage for buying/selling the option
4.) I am happy to pay for API access, if needed.
5.) Not encountering an OI limit in Bank NIfty.

Zerodha’s Kite platform and API are reliable, I’m having some problems with Zerodha as well, but very less.

I was thinking of using 5Paisa.

I heard that Alice blue API & platform is unreliable. I guess Upstox is also facing an OI limit?

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