With ‘Chess,’ Country Duo Honey County Offers A Searing Testament To Girl Power

As 2021 comes to a close, Honey County’s Sophie Lynn and Danny Rose continue their rise in the music industry.

On Friday, the Nashville duo revealed their latest single, “Chess.” The new track is set to get a big boost later this month when it appears in the Peacock series “Yellowstone,” starring Kevin Costner.

Speaking to HuffPost, Lynn said she got inspired to “chess” after witnessing a brawl at the bar in California shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic. “I just got caught in the crossfire – or cross-fisted, if you will – but it made for a great story and made a great song,” she said. “So here we are.”

Rose agreed, describing “Chess” as an ode to women’s empowerment. “She didn’t intentionally try to be in the middle of this fight, she was in the middle just sitting there,” she said. “So we were thinking, if a fight really broke out and someone attacked us, would we tremble? Obviously we would stand on the ground.”

Listen to “Chess” below.

“Chess” is Honey County’s fourth single this year. When it premieres on the December 26 episode of “Yellowstone,” it will be the fourth time the series has featured one of their tracks.

Since collaborating as a team in 2019, Lynn and Rose have made an outstanding effort to create more space for the narrative of women in country music.

In April, the duo unveiled “Got It From My Mama,” a tribute to their mothers. And last month, they released a holiday-themed cover titled “Want to Build a Snowman?” From the Disney movie “Frozen,” which won critical acclaim for its affirmation of two heroines.

Women see their success so far as an indication that the country genre is gradually becoming more receptive to more diverse artists, and credits Yellowstone Music Supervisor Andrea von Foerster for providing a unique platform.

“If anyone underestimates you, this song is for you,” Lynn (left) said of Honey County’s new song “Chess.”

“I remember talking to Mickey Gayton as soon as ‘Black Like Me’ came out,” Rose recalls. “She was like, ‘I just had to tell how I was feeling and didn’t care what people thought about me when I put that down.’ And I said, ‘Girlfriend’ Play with her because she’s amazing.”

“She was later nominated for a Grammy, and things have really changed for her over the past year,” Rose said. “So she was definitely a role model that we all look up to, ‘She can do that, and we can too.'” “

Although it’s light on the details, Lynn and Rose said they expect to reveal new music during the early months of 2022. There’s also a music video for “Got It From My Mama” in the pipeline, with a tentative release in May in honor of Mother’s Day.

Citing the Allman Brothers and Bonnie Raitt as influences, the duo hope “Chess” will encourage fans to “give their best” no matter what challenges they face.

“If anyone underestimates you, this song is for you,” Lynn said.


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