Woman gobsmacked after leaving groomers and finding she’s got the wrong dog

Tykesha Cherry thought she was going to treat her dog for a day being pampered but when she went to pick him up she thought something looked like the dog was looking at her suspiciously

Tykesha Cherry was given the wrong dog after Lucky got shaved

A woman is distraught after leaving the dog breeder because she thought her dog was behaving a bit strange – then realized she had given someone else’s pet.

Tykesha Cherry took her dog, 10-month-old Lucky, to a trim at her local salon and later took a picture of the dog, who appeared to be leaning forward and staring suspiciously at the camera.

But the 31-year-old receptionist felt compelled to video call her friend Quinn to try to find out why her Maltese dog usually appears.

And only when she called Lucky’s name over and over and got no response did she notice differences in his fur pattern and that his usually soft pink paws were ‘scaly’ until she realized it wasn’t him.

Salon gave Tykesha Bentley instead of Lucky


Kennedy News and Media)

This is Lucky, and the pair are exactly the same


Kennedy News and Media)

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Tekesha, of Chesapeake, Virginia, US, said, “I went to get my puppy, and I went home and the lady on the desk said ‘Oh, you’re here for a Bentley?'” ‘I said, ‘No, I’m here for Lucky.

“While she was walking away to fetch the dog, I was handling the receipt. I looked up, and there was a dog in my face. I didn’t get a chance to get a good look at it, all I saw was white.

“I went to the car and put him in it. He turned around and thought ‘It looks different, am I tripping?'” “

Tykesha and her partner, Quinn Young, were delighted to have Lucky back


Kennedy News and Media)

Confused as to why Lucky acted out of Tekesha’s character, she called her boyfriend to get a second opinion before driving home.

“To make sure I called my friend, Quinn, and showed him the dog,” Tykesha said. “He said ‘Ah, it looks different.’” I told Quinn I was about to start driving and he said “Don’t.” I’m starting to think that’s not so lucky.

“I was looking at his paws and his ears. I realized Lucky doesn’t have that weird thing around his eyes. That’s when I knew this wasn’t my dog.”

Terrified by the salon’s mistake, Tykesha races to return Bentley and get her lover Lucky back.

Tekesha said, “I jumped straight out of the car and immediately came back. It was the same woman who stood at the door, and she said, ‘Hello Bentley!'” “

I was like ‘This ain’t my dog, where’s my dog?’ Where’s the puppy? They were shocked, everyone was in shock. I got it wrong, they are both white, but I thought they would have cards in the back or something.

“I was definitely relieved when the reunion with Lucky took place. Like I felt it wasn’t wrong about his different looks.”

Tykesha took to Facebook to vent the blunder, posting screenshots of both dogs.

Tykesha shared a picture of the two dogs on Facebook


Kennedy News and Media)

Tekesha wrote: “I went to [name redacted] And they got it wrong. They gave me the wrong dog in photo 1, when the pup in photo 2 is actually mine.

“I kept looking at him outside in the parking lot as if you looked completely different. Allow [shake my head].

Thank God I invited Quinn [to] Make sure I don’t stumble before I set off because who knows where Lucky Lil will be. I’m so off. “

The post went viral with over 25,000 shares, and Facebook users were in hysteria over the hilarious shot of a suspicious Bentley.

Kee Monroe wrote: “This dog that looks like it was a fit to trick you. Like not holding on to you I’m not the owner.”

“The one on the left is Karen,” Aubrey Mack commented.

The salon has been contacted frequently for comment.

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