Woman shares hack to instantly freshen up your roots WITHOUT using dry shampoo

For many of us, washing our hair is a bit of a chore.

And when your hair starts turning greasy just a day after you wash it, it’s not ideal.


Melissa Tovar took to TikTok to share her hack to replenish oily hair and we can’t believe how effective it is.Credit: TikTok / @xomelissatovar

Dry shampoo is a key ingredient to adding some freshness to a greasy mop and many of us rely on it in between hair washing days.

But one woman took to TikTok to share her simple hack method for making oily hair look like new.

With this method, you can say goodbye to your trusted dry shampoo, as this will make your hair cleaner.

The best part? You don’t even need to shower with this hack.

Melissa Tovar regularly shares beauty and skincare tips on her TikTok account “xomelissatovar” and her latest hack has impressed many.

Melissa shared her greasy haircut with the caption, “Works every time! This is my third day’s hair.

She explained, “Instead of a dry shampoo, the next time your hair gets too oily, try this.

“A section of the front layer of your hair, which is where your hair usually is the most oily.

Use a gentle shampoo and then wash it off.

Add a setting spray to the fabric and blow off the first layer.

“When you’re done, your hair will look freshly washed.”

In the video, we see Melissa demonstrate her simple method and it’s safe to say she’s a genius.

Melissa’s hair benefits from washing the hair, but without actually showering, getting wet and having to spend half an hour drying it.

Her hair looks shiny and she thinks that her entire hair has been freshly washed.

This method, Melissa said, is “a 5-10 minute solution versus an hour for the whole of my head.”

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Apparently, the video impressed many people as it gained 125.2 thousand views.

It has received 5,622 likes, 58 comments and shared 102 times.

Many TikTok users liked Melissa’s method and took the comments to express it.

Someone said, “I’m obsessed.”

Another added: “It changes the rules of the game.”

A third commented, “Well, I’m trying it!!” To which Melissa replied “It’s amazing!!”

There have also been many other TikTok users who have used this method before and swear by it to freshen hair between washes.

One person commented, “I’ve been doing this for years, so much better than dry shampoo.”

Another said: “I’ve definitely done this before!!”

A third added, “I forgot that hack command even though I used to do it a lot in middle school. Thanks for the reminder!”

Melissa shows her simple hack by first sectioning her hair


Melissa shows her simple hack by first sectioning her hairCredit: TikTok / @xomelissatovar
Then Melissa gives the front of her hair a quick shampoo


Then Melissa gives the front of her hair a quick shampooCredit: TikTok / @xomelissatovar
Then she dried the front part of her hair, and her hair looks like new


Then she dried the front part of her hair, and her hair looks like newCredit: TikTok / @xomelissatovar

Meanwhile, I’ve gone 100 days without shampooing and people are shocked at how greasy it doesn’t look.

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