Xiaomi TV Discussion Thread VII [consolidated]

Hello all! Does anyone using Mi TV 65 inch 4S have picture quality issues while playing HD movies online? I can see different shades of black/gray or colors in spots or lumps. Also for fast-moving combat items, the edge of an object or person can become blurry Is this normal for this TV? Sorry if I couldn’t describe the problem well. Please advice. Thanks.

What I encountered might be a combination of low bitrate video + motion smoothing.

(1) Bitrate

What is the bitrate of the online movie source you are watching?

You can watch a movie online – it is streamed at a low (ie weak) bitrate of the video.

Write down the following 2 (key) points first:
(a) Sit at the same distance + watch the video stream in the same bitrate: The bigger the TV – the worse the video quality.
(b) Sit at the same distance + watch using the same TV: The lower the bandwidth of the video stream – the worse the video quality.

To help check that the TV itself is OK

(1) You may wish to make use of the information in the two links below to adjust/calibrate the TV settings near the recommended display output:

(There are a lot of websites/links talking about TV calibration. You can google/search more about TV calibration if you wish.)

(Secondly) After doing the above

* If you have a Bluray (4K) player, watch a few Bluray (4K) movies on your TV – this helps a lot to see how things look (eg, whether you have “picture quality issues”) on your TV with High quality bit rate source.

(Once you watch many 4K + HDR Bluray movies on your TV – later you may feel that a lot of online streaming sources are lackluster – due to the low bandwidth of the video. Haha..)

If you want to test only via webcast – because the Xiaomi 65 “Mi TV 4S is a 4K TV..

* Watch some suitable higher bitrate online video sources, such as 4K Netflix or 4K Youtube (or other higher bitrate online sources).

Some possible 4K movies on Youtube:
https://youtu.be/Mw4ss68BrH8 (4K 60fps?)
https://youtu.be/3elOB1KmKRY (4K 60fps?)

(To avoid YouTube adsYou may want to download/install/use third-party Android apps like Smart Youtube TV, SmartTubeNext or Newpipe to watch Youtube.)

(2) MEMC: Motion Smoothing Function on Xiaomi TV

For Xiaomi 65″ Mi TV 4S, some people have feedback that the video looks better if they disable the MEMC function on the Xiaomi TV.

I hope the above helps.

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